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Occasional Paper Series


  No 1. Garth Gilmour Early Israelite Religion During the Period of the Judges: New Evidence from Archaeology, 1997. (out of print)
  No 2. Matthias Messmer Antisemitism in Post-Communist Russia
  No 3. Carole Fink The Jews and Minority Rights During and After World War 1
  No 4. Karl A Schleunes In the shadow of Auschwitz; Christianity and the Enlightenment reconsidered
  No 5. Jeremy Sarkin The Legacy of Nuremburg and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa
  No 6. Gottfried Wagner Descendants of Nazi Victims and Nazi Perpetrators In Search of a Dialogue
  No 7. David Biale Power and Violence
  No. 8. Boris Gorlick A Lost Tribe: Russian-Speaking Jews in South Africa Today
No. 9. Alexander L. Boraine Dealing with the Past – Complex Choices
No. 10. Richard Freedman Engaging with Holocaust Education in Post-Apartheid South Afirca
No. 11. Lina Spies Translating Anne Frank in South Africa
    Barnard Susser Israeli Democracy: Great Expectations, Growing Frustrations, September 4, 1989
    Ephraim Katzir The Meaning of Life as Represented in the Life Sciences and the Jewish Heritage, March 23, 1989
    Benyahim Neuberger Israel's Democracy - How liberal? How stable? August 24, 1988
    Evyatar Friesel The Balfour Declaration in Historical Perspective, August 10, 1988
    Myron Aronoff Interpreting Israeli Political Culture, April 13, 1988
    Mordechai Cogan Jerusalem, the Chosen: From History to Ideology, August, 19, 1987
    Charles S. Liebman Attitudes toward Jewish-Gentile Relations in the Jewish Tradition and Contemporary Israel, September 19, 1983